Meet Maggie

Portrait of Maggie

When Maggie joined our family 7 years ago, we instantly fell in love with her big brown eyes.  Maggie was found wandering around our offices, eating out of the trash.  Another business down the street saw her eating out of the trash, and started

feeding her rotisserie chicken.  Sid, the owner of Corkys, fell in love with Maggie and took her home with him.  She was just 6 months old at the time.  Maggie was very skittish of everyone at first.  She didn’t like to snuggle, flinched when you tried to pet her, and was terrified of storms!  It didn’t take her long though to warm up to us.  Before we knew it, Maggie was digging holes in the backyard, and chewing anything and everything she could find!  You could throw a tennis ball for hours, and Maggie would chase after it, and beg you to throw it again.

Maggie soon became a workin’ pup!  Maggie lives with Sid’s daughter, Mary, and comes to work with her every day.  She works a long and hard 10 hours a day…  When she’s not busy getting her back scratched or eating treats, she is busy being our guard dog.  Maggie likes to bark at any and every car that pulls up at the office.  She likes to let us know someone is here.  Her bark may make her sound tough, but she is a gentle giant at heart.  The delivery trucks even bring her treats, which makes Maggie very excited to see them and she greets them with a warm welcome!


Collage Maggie

Maggie makes her rounds in the morning to greet everyone, and to see if they have any food to give her.  At lunch every day, you will see Maggie start sniffing, and run upstairs to the kitchen.  She will sit by you at the lunch table, and look sad with those big brown eyes of hers, persuading you to share.

Maggie has become an integral part of Corkys Footwear. She is a team player, has a great track record for attending meetings, boosts morale when needed, has a knack for cleaning up any food left behind …..and did we mention she has impeccable taste in footwear!

When Maggie’s not working hard at Corkys Footwear, she likes to ride in the car, run around outside, play with a tennis ball, and get a little love from everyone.